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Faith, hope, love holiday wall hanger, decorative plate — Red Plastic Charger with Beaded Rims, 13 in.

This vibrant, inspirational decoration would be a wonderful addition to any room during the holiday season. Faith, hope, love is placed on a deep red decorative plate that could be placed in any room or on a door.

Faith, Hope, and Love are the three most important words that help us be an amazing human being by giving us peace and happiness in life. This inspirational saying could resemble .. ‘Faith’ as the absence of all doubt.... ‘Hope’ as the expectation of a brighter future.... ‘Love’ as the understanding that everything is perfect exactly as it is.

When the words are together on a decorative piece, they can bring such an important meaning to many people, which leaves it to no surprise that many types of these particular items can be found somewhere within a home, dorm, or office space.

Created with a piece of Floral Garden Cotton Nautical Rope to be used as a hook, so the decorative plate can be hung on a wall. Topped with a faux Pine Cone Floral that comes off the plate about 3” to give it that festive flair!

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