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Witch balls (aka yule balls or faerie balls) are an ancient pagan custom brought over to the U.S. from England in the 17th century.

Disclaimer — Protection of the glass ball during shipment will be attempted to the best level as possible; however please understand each ball may not resemble the pictured photos upon arrival due to the content being shifted / moved around during shipment.

Notice — As always, these glass balls are sold as a Curio / Trinket and per Etsy’s policies on metaphysical items, I can not and will not guarantee any experience or outcome.

Styles shown —

Type 1 — Classic witch ball created with dried lavender (happiness), sage (protection) cinnamon stick (good fortune), dried rose bud (luck), and a silver painted rope encased with sparkle mod podge (reflect bad energy) that is tied with three knots to entangle bad spirits.

Type 2 — Created with gomphrena (immortality/endless love), Dianthus leaf (admiration), rose petals (passion)

Type 3 — Created with helichrysum bracteatum (everlasting light/forgiving love), gomphrena globosa (healing), albizia (calms the mind/spirit), cinnamon stick (good fortune)

Type 4 — Created with lily (confidence), jasmine buds (good luck/purity), cinnamon stick (good fortune)

Type 5 — Created with Forget-me-nots (keep in thoughts), gomphrena (immortality/endless love), Dianthus leaf (admiration)

Note — Each glass ball will be placed it’s an individual gift box that is made from a sturdy kraft material to help protect the ball during shipment.

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